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Hello there, I'm the caretaker of nature herself.
Aka {teen} Mother Nature~

Just. . .don't blame me for natural disasters, okay? I'm still learning. . .

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I will generate a number 1-35 to see what my muse will say to yours. Mix of angst, fluff, flirty, funny, etc.

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Hi friends! I don’t talk about myself much (I really don’t have many interesting things to say hehe), but I’m happy to say I just finished my first year of college! :D It was really, really lovely, and for those of you who’re going in the fall- don’t worry, you will have the time of your life. >w<

I don’t think I really knew who I was after high school ended. I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, but (3 majors later) I’ve found what I really love to do as a computer science major, programming and designing new software, games, and more. ^^ For the first time, I feel like I can see a bright future for myself, and I want you guys to know that you’ll find your way too. Keep working hard and do your best to find what you do best. I believe really hard in all of you guys, and I’ll be cheering you guys on. ^u^ Thank you all for supporting me.

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Rise of the Guardians gave me something to believe in.

A voice amongst a community I’d never known

And friends as loyal as any I’ve had before.

It may not be hyped up anymore,

But it still makes my heart swell when I hear the soundtrack,

Or sit down to watch the beautiful piece of art.

After all,

You don’t stop believing in the moon just because the sun comes up.

Truer words were never spoken.

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           “Those clouds over there do not look good.
             I really hope it doesn’t storm. Abby always
             goes nuts when there’s thunder.”

                    he’s half talking to himself, half to the stranger before him.

⊰❋ ~

            Seraphina sighed. The boy was

            right. Those clouds did not look


                                     ” No…it’s a storm, alright.

                                       And it’s a  b i g  one. “


So I was stupid and saw the movie again 

Sad I am sad     

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actual dialogue from the movie 100%

(I can’t possibly be the only person who thinks of this every time I watch this scene)

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   -{☠}- [A ɢrowl eѕcαped нιѕ тнroαт αɴd тнe вeαѕт’ѕ нeαd вeɢαɴ тo ѕнαĸe вαcĸ αɴd ғorтн αт тнe мαɢιc тнαт вeɢαɴ тo ғorм αroυɴd нιм. Vιɴeѕ crαwled υp нιѕ тυѕĸ αɴd ιɴтo тнe мαɴαcle тнαт reѕιded тнere. A нιѕѕ jυмped ғroм нιѕ тнroαт αт тнιѕ ѕтrαɴɢe мαɢιc вeғore ѕlαммιɴɢ нιѕ тυѕĸ ιɴтo тнe ɢroυɴd ѕнe нαd jυѕт мoved ғroм.  

A loυd roαr тore тнroυɢн нιѕ тнroαт αт нer αттeмpт тo coɴғιɴe нιм oɴce αɢαιɴ. Qυιcĸly нιѕ нeαd pυlled вαcĸ тo reмove тнe vιɴeѕ тнαт нαd wrαpped αroυɴd тнe мeтαl, α loυd crαcĸ нαɴɢιɴɢ ιɴ тнe αιr. Hιѕ ғlαιlιɴɢ ѕтopped αѕ нe ғelт тнe releαѕe.  

Awe ѕтrυcĸ нe ѕтαred αѕ тнe pιece вeɢαɴ тo ѕlιp ғroм нιѕ тυѕĸ αɴd ιɴтo тнe wαтer вelow. Hιѕ нeαd drιғтed тo тнe ѕιde, αɴd нιѕ ιcy eyeѕ ɢαzed dowɴ αт тнe woмαɴ, ѕнocĸ ѕтυcĸ ιɴ нιѕ eyeѕ.]

    ⊰❋ ~

                    Seraphina’s eyes widened. It had growled. It didn’t seem to like what she was doing. The ground around her shook from the creature’s protest. But she had to ignore it for now. She closed her eyes and kept pulling at the cuff. She was determined to get this horrid piece of metal off.

                   Despite the creature’s protest, she kept at it. The vines tried to work their way into the lock and open it. The roots pulling at the metal to see if it was old enough to break. She kept pulling and pulling until-


A loud noise hung into there air. Almost like a mix between a crack and something unlocking. The metal had come off of the tusk. Seraphina fell backwards. The cuff landed in the water next to her. She covered her face and sat up. She gasped. She had forgotten to hold her breath. Panic settled over her. What if she had broken the creature’s other tusk? What if the metal was the only thing keeping it in the place? She looked up and her mouth gaped open.

              The tusk was okay. It didn’t break. A laugh escaped as she stood up.  She did it. She really did it. She screamed in delight. Her fists pumping into the air as she jumped up and down. Seraphina froze when she saw the creature staring at her. ” Oh, uh- ” Her face flushed. She moved a piece of damp hair from her face. She smiled at up at the creature. ” It worked. “

Im sorry, are you TRYING to kill me?



If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

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"Flesh" //haha-uhh i sort of want to make this evil!sera. . .i think that's one of the only Sera's that siren!holly hasn't interacted with yet.
pitchs-daughter pitchs-daughter Said:



     Being pushed around was definitely not her style. But if it would get her a tiny taste of the magic beneath this woman’s skin, then Holly decided she could put up with it a little. 

     An enchanting smile and a flash of her eyes. 

               "No need to be so rough… you just have to ask nicely."


     The siren was liking this girl more and more. Holly smiled and licked her lips. What she wouldn’t give to get a taste of her energy. 

             "Seraphina," she whispered. "I think that’s beautiful. The only thing that would make this more beautiful…" Without warning, she ducked beneath the girl’s arms, spinning her, and pinning her to the wall in one fluid motion. 

    "I prefer to be in charge, myself."


  ⊰❋ ~

            ” Well, thank you. ” Seraphina smiled back.  ” Hm? ” She raised an eyebrow when the brunette didn’t finish her sentence. She gasped when she was pinned to the wall. Seraphina didn’t expect the girl to pick her up so easily.

          She giggled. A smile playing across her face. ” I think… ” She let herself be ushed against the wall. She rather liked Holly taking charge. Seraphina draped her arms onto the other’s shoulder. ” I could get used to this… ”  

          A grin showed on her face. ” Well, ahead Holly~ ” She cooed. ” Take charge. ”  


When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


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’ ☆Stars☆
                are only { visible } in

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SAND DUNES by Kayla Varley on Flickr.

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